Madison + Milwaukee, WI

Preparing For A Reboot

Though I’m not certain of the exact date, next month will probably mark the first time Pushmi-Pullyu has played live in over a year (our last show was August 2nd, 2009 on WSUM).  In the last year, the ideas behind this project have changed quite a lot and quite often.

The reason for the hiatus was my year spent in Norway.  During that time, I wrote a lot of songs and learned a lot of things.  Over the course of that year, a lot of thought went into the future of Pushmi-Pullyu.

So what are we doing now?

First, Corey and I are preparing for a new live act.  Most of the songs in the set have been chosen, and it will hopefully be a fun time.

After finalizing the live set, there’s the matter of releasing some stuff.  The year in Norway has left us with a large amount of material.  Part of that includes a full-length album of Castles covers, titled The Art Of Being A Black Hole.  This is currently scheduled to come out sometime next month, alongside Castle’s own new EP, Malice Striker.

We are also aiming to release a Pushmi-Pullyu album sometime before the end of the year, possibly a 2xLP.  More information on that will be available when the time comes.

One more thing: I’ve been working on a lot of remixes and mash-ups as part of this project as well.  Check out our music page to stream and/or download some of our sounds, including our Passion Pit mashups (for a limited time only).

Enjoy the new site, and see you soon!

~John Praw

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