Madison + Milwaukee, WI

Progress on An Overdue Album, + December Shows

Pushmi-Pullyu - Never Love A Stranger Album Preview

What have you been doing all this time?

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve posted stuff here.  If you want to see updates from us more often, Like us on Facebook.  To answer the question, though, we’ve been up to a lot.

The band has been in a weird place, but in a good way.  Our main focus is on the album.  A lot is yet to be set in stone, but you can bet that the art will be similar to that pictured above.  You can click on that picture, or click here, to download a free preview of the album.  The track list is pretty much set to be a representation of our live show.  If all goes according to plan, we will finish recording this week.

We have had our fair share of setbacks, so I’ll be extremely happy to get “Never Love A Stranger” out there.  For a few months, Tom was on tour with another band.  Our recording engineer had a baby.  Our jobs and holidays got in the way.  Some of us moved farther away.  There are other excuses, but we’re all really excited to be nearing the home stretch here, and the quality of the album material is shaping up better than I could have ever guessed.

When are you playing?  Why aren’t you playing so often?

Good question!  You can always find our upcoming shows on our Gigs page.  We have two shows coming up this month.  On December 21st at the Dragonfly Lounge, we will be playing with Noxroy (MAD), William Z. Villain (MAD; feat. P-P alum Ben Cameron) and Soul Low (MKE).  That show will be the first day of winter, and thus, the kick-off party for the Lost City Winter Series.  The Lost City Music Festival is very much a product of the people in this band, so the Winter Series means a lot to us.

For the second show, on December 29th at Mad Planet in Milwaukee, we will be playing with Blue Boy (CHI), Animals In Human Attire (MKE; feat. P-P alum Myles Coyne) and Ivy Spokes (MKE).  That show will be awesome.

To focus on the album, we’re not playing so frequently.  We also made the decision to no longer be involved with shows we aren’t dedicated to.  We’ve all played and organized too many shows that don’t really matter to us, so we’re done with that.  Instead, we’ll be playing shows that we can really invest ourselves in.  Also, we’re busy as crap.  All of us are in other bands, and two of our members live over an hour away from Madison in different directions.

Okay, enough talking.  Goodbye.  Take it easy.

You too, buddy.

<3 Like us on facebook, dummy.

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