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New Single: In The Bleak Midwinter

Pushmi-Pullyu - In The Bleak Midwinter

Ladies and gentlemen, have we got a treat for you!

As we near the completion (finally) of Never Love A Stranger, we’ve decided to kick off the new year with this brand new single.  “In The Bleak Midwinter” was originally made for our live performance on a WYOU winter telethon.  The telethon required us to perform at least one Christmas song, so we chose a classic carol with words written by the English poet Christina Rossetti sometime before 1872.  Twisting the words a bit, we turned a Christmas carol into an anytime love song.

The track was recorded at House Arrest studios in Madison, Wisconsin by Brian Nolan (who you may know from American Hi-Fi).  The cover photo was originally taken by Nikki Gibson and edited by John Praw.


Back To The Studio

We’re off to the studio again.  Today, we’ll try to record the second half of the album.  So far, we’ve (mostly) finished recording Where We First Sat, Morning Undone, Birthday, Howl and Past.

Once we have the studio set up, we’re going to rocket through some of these remaining tracks.  The big two will be the Fried Chicken Suite (the first 3-4 songs that run together in the album), and Bleak Midwinter / Lost Ponds, which also run together.  Hopefully, that will go quickly so we can get to South Africa and Bitch Sister.  If we can get all of that done tonight and tomorrow, we’ll be set.

Tom leaves on tour where he’ll be backing up his friends’ band in two weeks, so there might be a little recording project to hold us over until his return (in nearly 3 months!).  Look for news of that soon.

And we’re off!

~ John Praw