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Local Love Fest 2012 – Our Pons Cover


Recently, we were invited by the folks at Detune Audio and Sooper Dooper to participate in Local Love Fest 2012.  This was the second year for Local Love Fest, which has Madison artists covering Madison artists, and it was a really great experience for us as a band.  Tom wasn’t able to be there for the recording process, but none-the-less, it gave us an idea of how we want to record our upcoming album.

At any rate, check out the stream above.  The guys at Detune did a pretty great job, and the physical CDs by Sooper Dooper are really awesome.  Since the CDs were only available at two Local Love Fest 2012 shows, we’ve decided to let you stream our cover for free.

This song is a tribute to one of my all-time favorite local bands, Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons, who sadly are no more.  While they were around, the Pons were one of my main influences.  They were incredibly kind and inviting, and I’m glad to call them my friends.  Here’s to you, Pons!

~ John

First Show(s) Of 2011

The year is coming quickly to a close, and that means we must prepare ourselves for the next.  It was a big year for Pushmi-Pullyu.  Perhaps not externally speaking, but internally, the band has come a long way.  We’re doing things I never thought we’d be able to do, and a big part of that is the addition of our drummer, Luke.  I’ve known Luke for a while because we both studied Norwegian (more officially “Scandinavian Studies”) at UW – Madison.  Luke graduated a year ahead of me, and quite by coincidence he ended up being a TA for one of the classes I took this semester.  I asked him if his old band – Sophia’s Revenge – was still doing anything.  It turns out those guys have moved on, and Luke was without a regular band.  It didn’t take me long to suck him into ours.

Our first show of 2011 will be January 8th with The Munitionettes, as well as a couple other bands.  You can find more information on that event here.  The Munitionettes are really great (in fact, I might be mixing their upcoming album).  The show will be at the awesome Lothlórien Coop in Madison.

Then, sometime in February, we’ll be playing with our good friends Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons.  They are, essentially, the band that got me into local music in Madison, and they put on the best show in town.  By far. You can find information on that in our “Gigs” section when the details are nailed down.

Happy New Year,

John Praw