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First Show(s) Of 2011

The year is coming quickly to a close, and that means we must prepare ourselves for the next.  It was a big year for Pushmi-Pullyu.  Perhaps not externally speaking, but internally, the band has come a long way.  We’re doing things I never thought we’d be able to do, and a big part of that is the addition of our drummer, Luke.  I’ve known Luke for a while because we both studied Norwegian (more officially “Scandinavian Studies”) at UW – Madison.  Luke graduated a year ahead of me, and quite by coincidence he ended up being a TA for one of the classes I took this semester.  I asked him if his old band – Sophia’s Revenge – was still doing anything.  It turns out those guys have moved on, and Luke was without a regular band.  It didn’t take me long to suck him into ours.

Our first show of 2011 will be January 8th with The Munitionettes, as well as a couple other bands.  You can find more information on that event here.  The Munitionettes are really great (in fact, I might be mixing their upcoming album).  The show will be at the awesome Lothlórien Coop in Madison.

Then, sometime in February, we’ll be playing with our good friends Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons.  They are, essentially, the band that got me into local music in Madison, and they put on the best show in town.  By far. You can find information on that in our “Gigs” section when the details are nailed down.

Happy New Year,

John Praw

This Is Luke

This is Luke.  He’s our drummer.

Scramble, Scramble, Scramble

As some of you know, my house was struck by lightning a few weeks back.  Because of this, I have no choice but to go  without a computer of my own for a while.  my old one – which happened to be the one I used to do all of my work – was completely fried.  Luckily, everything was backed up on an external that survived the strike.

So now I’m stuck scrambling to get everything done on time.  It kills me not having a dedicated machine of my own, but for now, I’m making do.  Luckily, I now live with Corey, my long-time partner in crime.  Check out some of his music here and here.  Corey and I are hard at work settling into our new house and getting the live Pushmi-Pullyu show in shape.  Our first sets back will likely be a bit on the short side, but there is still plenty we can do.

Hopefully, we’ll have a nice solid show for you guys very soon.  In fact, our first show back after over a year of inactivity in Madison is in three days!  Come check us out in Jamie Yanda’s basement in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Friday, August 20th.  Information on that show can be found here. The show is all ages.

Nine days after that – Sunday, August 29th – you can catch us at the Frequency here in wonderful Madison, Wisconsin.  While you’re there, you can play some bingo in between sets.  You can find information on that show here. The Frequency is a 21+ venue.

Both shows are FREE!

~ John Praw
P.S.  We might be booking shows IN OUR LIVING ROOM this year.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Preparing For A Reboot

Though I’m not certain of the exact date, next month will probably mark the first time Pushmi-Pullyu has played live in over a year (our last show was August 2nd, 2009 on WSUM).  In the last year, the ideas behind this project have changed quite a lot and quite often.

The reason for the hiatus was my year spent in Norway.  During that time, I wrote a lot of songs and learned a lot of things.  Over the course of that year, a lot of thought went into the future of Pushmi-Pullyu.

So what are we doing now?

First, Corey and I are preparing for a new live act.  Most of the songs in the set have been chosen, and it will hopefully be a fun time.

After finalizing the live set, there’s the matter of releasing some stuff.  The year in Norway has left us with a large amount of material.  Part of that includes a full-length album of Castles covers, titled The Art Of Being A Black Hole.  This is currently scheduled to come out sometime next month, alongside Castle’s own new EP, Malice Striker.

We are also aiming to release a Pushmi-Pullyu album sometime before the end of the year, possibly a 2xLP.  More information on that will be available when the time comes.

One more thing: I’ve been working on a lot of remixes and mash-ups as part of this project as well.  Check out our music page to stream and/or download some of our sounds, including our Passion Pit mashups (for a limited time only).

Enjoy the new site, and see you soon!

~John Praw